Donating 101

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Donating 101

Post by Rookie7201 on Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:30 am

Thank you for your interest. Currently, we do not have an automatic donation system, however, all donations will be rewarded with compensation on the Trouble in Terrorist Town server. Every reward is received by playing on the Genysis Gaming Trouble in Terrorist Town server.
US DollarsPointshop PointsPremium Points
$30Donator Adminwith Training
$50Any PlayermodelFrom Workshop
Any donation above $50 will require Rookie7201 to talk with you for a custom value. Since the donation system is manual it will not be fulfilled automatically. It may take some time. If you would like to speed it up then contact Rookie7201 on steam or post a reply to this thread. Any donation not fulfilled within 3 days will receive an extra reward.

Donate using this link:

Note: Ranks can and may be removed if they are being abused.
Any donation between these values will count the lower value and then add 10 points for every penny and 1 premium point for every penny donated over the previous amount.

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